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A survey of cadmium and lead contents in cold-smoked herring sold in Cairo market during the spring festival (Sham El-Nessim day)

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Dalal Z. Husein

Chemistry Administration, Cairo, Egypt


Sham El-Nessim day is an ancient Egyptian national festival day. Egyptian families regardless of religion celebrate by eating traditional foods such as cold-smoked herring. The present investigation is to determine cadmium and lead contents in samples of cold-smoked herring that are sold in Cairo market. Twenty five samples of some popular brands of cold-smoked herring in the Cairo market were analyzed for levels of cadmium and lead after wet digestion with acids by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Results were expressed in mg/Kg wet weight, cadmium level was in the range 0.013-0.043 (0.025±0.009), and the lead level was 0.014-0.063 (0.042±0.014). Lead concentrations were found to be higher than those of cadmium, but values fall generally within concentrations previously reported and did not exceed the permissible limits adopted by Egyptian or international standards. Previous studies on cadmium and lead content in herring were found to be few in number, so more studies are recommended. Also according to the role of food-borne pathogen, more microbiological studies on cold-smoked herring are  recommended.

Keywords: Cadmium; Lead; cold-smoked herring; Egypt

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