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Health Hazards of Smoking and the Expected Role of Smoking Cessation Clinics

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Amal Saad-Hussein

Environmental and Occupational Medicine Department, National Research Centre

Tobacco use is common throughout the world and is growing faster in low-income countries due to steady population growth and the tobacco industry targets this vulnerable population, in addition to the low prices, lack of awareness about its dangers, and aggressive and widespread tobacco company marketing.

A global survey of tobacco use among adults in Egypt (2009), found that nearly 30% of Egyptians are consumming one of the tobacco products; in form of 16% cigarettes, 3.3% shisha and 2.6% tobacco chewed. Also the survey in 2009 proved that workers in 61% of the closed working places, 80% of public transport users and more than 70% of the visitors to shopping centers and government buildings and non-governmental organizations are exposed to secondhand smoke (passive smokers).

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